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Website Development

ThoughtBytes is pleased to offer creation of cost-effective commercial websites.

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We offer a turn-key package including:

  • Domain registration (optional)
  • Hosting (optional)
  • Initial site creation (customized to your specific needs)
  • Installation
  • Support of user-maintained data (optional)
  • Website Design
  • Logo Development

ThoughtBytes is happy to develop your designs or work with your own designer.


Web Design Philosophy

FunctionalDesign3In today’s Business environment, ThoughtBytes believes that your company/organization presence starts with an internet domain and website. This contrasts with the past where a website might be one arm of your marketing plan. Today, many customers, partners, and affiliates rely on the internet and your unique business domain e-mail to find, contact, and interact with you.

Accordingly, we recommend that you secure your URL and establish a strong website presence to establish and promote your business. We can help you with this in a cost-effective, usable, and easy to maintain way.



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